Choose your Dolomites, Friuli Dolomites

If you still do not know the Friuli Dolomites, we can tell you that it’s another holiday! Discover a different way of life in the mountains in a hospitable and generous place, made for people like... you :-)

Forni di Sopra... Why?

If you are looking for a vacation in the mountains less conventional, far from the busiest ski resorts, Forni di Sopra offers breathtaking snowy peaks and the most beautiful ski slopes of the Dolomites, to spend long hours relaxing in contactwith nature. With you friends or with your family, Forni di Sopra can give you something more: that's all it seems tailor-made, from houses to rent to ski lifts and services in the area, everything is designed to accommodate and give hospitality.
That's why we think that they can also be your Dolomites.

Forni di Sopra is in the center

Located in the heart of a valley wide and sunny, Forni di Sopra is found in Carnia, in the eastern part of Friuli Dolomites Park, one of the largest in the Alps and the most abundant wildlife. Although at 907 meters altitude, environment and climate are typical high mountain. Overall, the area extends from 900 m altitude of the town, with almost 2600 meters the highest peak dolomite: their natural characteristics let you enjoy many outdoor sports throughout the year, and this promises constant contact with nature.

For rent: prices and availability

When you want to give you a fantastic holiday in the Dolomites? We have apartments available for rent with various solutions. Check availability indicating period and the number of bed-places required:

Buy your apartment in Forni di Sopra

The apartment is brand new, top-entry, fully-equipped with every comfort in the kitchen, with particular care of furnishings and finishes of high quality. ► More informations

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